Landscapes - II
Digital Landscape Renderings
George Beggs
Artist Statement

These iamges are from Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma. They show grandness and freshness with a sometimes haunting character. All of these photographs have been "rendered" using a process of partial fragmentation, reassembly and coloration to produce finished images that are intended to parallel and augment the natural character of the subject matter.
This portfolio is available as individual prints.

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Beggs_G_ First Light - Oklahoma

Beggs_G_ Rosefingers II - Oklahoma

Beggs_G_ Prairie Rain - Oklahoma

Beggs_G_ Polyphemus - No.5.6 - Oklahoma

Beggs_G_ Snow Arriving - Santa Fe Valley

Beggs_G_ Grassland Pageant - New Mexico

Beggs_G_ 14,000 Foot Waves - Colorado

Beggs_G_ Chamisa - No.1.7 - New Mexico

Beggs_G_ Ghosts - No.6.4 - New Mexico


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