Wistful Reprise
New York City
Easter Parade 1976
Digital Renderings - 2010
George Beggs

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A R T I S T    S T A T E M E N T
I was fortunate to be present at the 1976 New York City Fifth Avenue Easter Parade with two cameras, one for color and one for B&W. I focused my B&W shots on the people "dressed" for the occasion and the color shots on other photographers. This portfolio documents a transitional time in public life in New York City; there is a romantic innocence and a nod to traditional values in the portraits juxtaposed with a humorous blend of adult self-expression and celebration. Looking back through the lens of the early twenty-first century, these images have a wistful quality.

In 2010 the original slides and negatives were scanned to digital files. All of these images have been "rendered" from those digital files to produce recast images that augment the original subject matter.

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