George Beggs - Artist Statement

The photographs included in the online portfolios belong to an ongoing series of Digital Renderings.

All of the photographs have been "rendered" using a process of partial fragmentation, reassembly and coloration to produce finished images that parallel and augment the natural character of the original subject matter.

The objective is two-fold: first, to capture the "essential" character of the original scene in a manner that looks whole and natural; second, to use layered effects of pattern and color to create an added mystique.

The resulting images are no longer straight-shot photographs. I use a process of looking carefully at the original pictures to explore their power. This process has taken me away from literalism and toward the compositions you see here. In places sharpness is replaced by micro-patterns and colors. From a distance the images appear "normal" but as one comes closer crispness fades and patterns and color stand out. The "picture" is still there but a new paradigm appears.


The images are all shot in RAW digital format.
All images are printed on archival grade matte paper or archival grade low luster paper.
Information about print sizes and availablilty can be found by clicking the thumbnail images in the online portfolios or by sending email to George Beggs